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Mazda 6, 1st Generation – Rear Bumper And Taillight Removal

Applies To:

2004 – 2008 Mazda 6

Vehicle In This Guide:

2006 Mazda 6 / 2.3L engine / 5 speed manual / 96,000 miles


Got another Mazda 6 guide for you today. Since taking off the front bumper was so much fun (half kidding), I decided to take off the rear bumper just to see how it compares. It took a little longer than the front but the overall procedure is still fairly simple. You’ll need to remove the tail lights so grab a 10mm wrench or a ratchet.

Along with that you’ll need a flat head screw driver to take off the clips and a phillips head screwdriver for the screws. I’d say, plan 30 – 45 minutes for removal if it’s your first time and then another 15 for the installation.

Steps Removing The Rear Bumper Cover

1. First step is to remove the clip that secures the wheel-well liner to the bumper. There is one on each side. mazda 6 bottom clip

2. Just like the front bumper, the rear also has a hidden screw on each side. Peel back the liner and use your phillips head screwdriver to remove the hidden screw. Do the same for the other side. mazda 6 bumper screw

3. Open the trunk and take out the clips that secure the trunk liner on each side. Use your flathead screwdriver to pop the center up and then remove the clip completely. mazda 6 trunk liner clips

4. When you have all of the clips removed you can go ahead and peel back the liner to expose the taillight nuts. mazda 6 trunk liner

5. Remove the two 10mm taillight mounting nuts and also disconnect the electrical connector. mazda 6 tail light mounting nuts

6. Proceed by pulling the tail light straight back – it will pop out. Do not pull to the side. Before you can remove the tail light completely there is one more electrical plug that needs to be disconnected. mazda 6 taillight electrical connector

7. With the tail lights out of the way you can see a screw and a clip underneath. Remove the screw and pop off the clip with a flat head screwdriver. mazda 6 rear bumper screws

8. There are two more clips on the bottom of the bumper that have to be removed. Again, use a flat head screwdriver to pry off the centers. These were more difficult to remove then the others so you will have to use more force to take them out.< mazda 6 bottom bumper clips

9. Now you have to unclip the sides of the bumper. There are a couple of white hooks that you need to depress in order to free the bumper from the body. Use a plastic knife or, in my case, a plastic trim removal tool. You can also use a flat head screwdriver but be careful not to damage the paint. mazda 6 rear bumper clips

10. Once you are sure that everything has been removed you are ready for the last part. At this point the bumper is held on by some large clips right in the middle of the bumper. All you have to do is give it a good pull to remove the bumper completely. take off mazda 6 rear bumper

That wraps up the Mazda 6 rear bumper removal guide. Check out the video below.

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  • Hey happywrenching, i have a 2005 m6 sport hatch im not sure how to remove the plastic part on the trunk door to remove the rest of the tail light housing?

  • Hey so I was just curious I’m about to help a friend change her tail light bulbs and just wanted to make sure to do this I just need to pull back the interior liner and can skip steps 1 and 2

  • Hi, I have a 2005 Mazda 6 hatchback and unfortunately you can’t just pull out the side molding, you have to remove several pieces of trim before you can get to the tail light assembly. Do you know of a guide for that model? Thanks!

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