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Mazda 6, 1st Generation – Front Bumper Removal

Applies To:

2004 – 2008 Mazda 6

Vehicle In This Guide:

2006 Mazda 6 / 2.3L engine / 5 speed manual / 96,000 miles


There are not many reasons the average owner would need to remove the front bumper cover on their Mazda 6 but just in case they do, here is a simple guide they can follow. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the whole procedure was. I think I removed and then reinstalled the bumper in under 30 minutes – all while shooting video and taking photos.

You’ll need some basic tools – a flat head screw driver, a phillips screw driver, and a 10mm wrench.

Front Bumper Cover Removal Steps

1. I kind of rushed into this and forgot to disconnect the battery before doing the work. So if I was you, I would go ahead and do that before continuing.

2. Open up the hood and you will see the two metal screws and two plastic fasteners securing the bumper. Remove them with the phillips head screwdriver. mazda 6 front bumper bolts

3. The splash guard is attached to the ends of the bumper. In the wheel well. Locate the plastics fasteners and remove them with a flat head screw driver by popping the center off and then taking out the rest of the fastener. Do the same for the other side. For some reason I had two different types of fasteners on each side of the car. Finally, some Mazda 6’s have three fasteners per wheel well – mine had two. mazda 6 splash guard

4. If you look under the front of the bumper you will see where the rest of the splash shield attaches to the bumper. It is secured by 4 metal bolts. Pretty easy to remove with the phillips screw driver. Do the same for the other side. mazda 6 splash guard screws

5. There is one hidden screw, per side, that is securing the upper ends of the bumper. Now that you have the splash shield loosened up, peel it back at the top of the wheel well and look up to find the hidden screw. Take a look at the photo below for a better explanation. mazda 6 bumper screw

6. If your Mazda 6 came equipped with fog light, you will want to disconnect them before removing the bumper. The connector is accessible from under the bumper by moving back the splash shield. The connector on the driver side is black instead of grey. mazda 6 fog light electrical

7. Almost there. There are two more 10 mm bolts on the bottom of the bumper that need to be removed before you can slide it back. mazda 6 bottom bumper bolts

8. Pop the sides of the bumper out and then slide the bumper toward you a little bit, but remember, you still have to disconnect the side marker lamps. mazda 6 side marker connector

9. Here is the bumper removed. mazda 6 front bumper removal


I think anybody can follow the steps backward and install this thing under 15 minutes. Just remember not to over-tighten any of the screws or bolts.

We also have a video for you of the whole procedure. Enjoy!

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