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Ford Fusion 2nd Generation – How To Remove Ford Fusion Rear Bumper Cover

Applies To:

2013 – 2020 Ford Fusion

Vehicle In This Guide:

2014 Ford Fusion / 2.5L engine / 32,000 miles


In this guide we have the new generation Ford Fusion and the steps below will walk you through removing the rear bumper. Some tools that you will need for this job include the flat head screwdriver, ratchet and socket, and a plastic trim removal tool so that you can pop the rear taillight out.

Rear Bumper Cover Removal Steps

1. Open the trunk and peel back the trunk liner. You will see the two taillight nuts that you will have to unscrew. ford fusion trunk liner

2. The back of the taillight is clipped into place. You can’t really grab it with your hand so instead you will need to insert a plastic trim removal tool and pop the light out of the clip. ford fusion taillight removal

3. Disconnect the electrical plug and remove the whole unit. ford fusion taillight electrical connector

4. With the taillight out of the way, you can now remove the two plastic retainers. Pry the center up and then take the whole retainer out. ford fusion ream bumper push pins

5. Move on to the bottom of the bumper where you will need to remove the metal screws (yellow) and then a couple of plastic retainers (green). Only one side of the rear bumper is pictured below. ford fusion rear bumper screws

6. Remove the metal screws (yellow) that secure the bumper to the splash shield and take out the plastic push pin (green). Do the same for the other side of the car. ford fusion rear splash shield screws

7. At this point you will need to peel back the splash shield and look up to find one more metal screw that will need to be removed. ford fusion wheel well splash shield

8. Grab one side of the bumper and rotate it up and pull it out. Do the same for the other side. ford fusion rear bumper cover removal

Here is picture of the rear bumper and taillights removed. ford fusion rear bumper replacement how to

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