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Audi A4 B5 Generation – Front Bumper Removal And Installation

Applies To:

1996 – 2001 Audi A4

Vehicle In This Guide:

1998 Audi A4 2.8L V6 / 5 speed manual / 104,000 miles


This guide will show you how to remove the front bumper on a B5 generation Audi A4. You will have to remove the front bumper whenever you move the carrier to the service position – such as during a timing belt and water pump replacement.

Removing The Front Bumper

1. Remove the front fasteners on the plastic belly pan. If you want, you can drop the whole thing by removing the rest of the fasteners.

2. Removing the lower fog grills. They are held in place by clips. Grab the tab and pull toward yourself. Do the same for the other side. audi a4 bumper grill

3. Remove the main bumper bolts. They are 6mm allen bolts. audi a4 b5 bumper bolt

4. Disconnect the head light washer line. Have a bucket ready to catch the wind-shield washer fluid. audi a4 b5 headlight washer line

5. Here is the most challenging part of the job; disengaging the bumper from the fender. The bumper is clipped to a bracket on the fender. Best thing to do is grab an object that you can pry with. Insert the object between the bumper and fender. Pry down on the top part of the bumper while pulling it toward yourself (1). This will disengage the top part. To disengage the bottom portion – grab the bottom of the bumper, pull up and toward yourself. audi a4 b5 bumper removal

Here is a shot of the bumper bracket that the bumper clips in to. audi a4 b5 bumper bracket

6. You can now remove the bumper completely by pulling it away from the front of the car. If your car has fog lights, disconnect the electrical plug before removing the bumper. audi a4 b5 front bumper

Installing The Front Bumper

To install the bumper line it up and slide it over the shock absorbers. Firmly push in the sides of the bumper to engage the clips. Tighten the main allen bolts to 17 lb-ft. Don’t forget to connect the headlight washer hose (it is a good idea to replace the o-ring as well). Install the lower grilles and install the belly pan.

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