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Audi A4 B5 Generation – 2.8L V6 AC Compressor Replacement

Applies To:

1996 – 2001 Audi A4 with 2.8L engine

Vehicle In This Guide:

1998 Audi A4 2.8L V6 / 5 speed manual / 104,000 miles


Removing the ac compressor on Audi V6 engines is quite different than on the 4 cylinder engines. The compressor is located on the driver side of the car and is mounted to a bracket with three bolts. At the time of this repair we had the front carrier out and chose to remove the compressor through the front of the engine. You may have enough room to remove it through the bottom if you remove the oil filter.

Removing The AC Compressor

If you know that the system contains refrigerant then discharge it first before proceeding.

1. Remove the serpentine (drive) belt.

2. Disconnect the high and low pressure lines from the compressor. audi a4 high and low pressure lines

3. Remove the mounting bolts from the compressor. audi a4 compressor mounting bolts audi a4 compressor bolt audi a4 ac compressor final bolt

4. Disconnect the electrical wire. It is the green connector. audi a4 ac compressor connector

5. You can try and remove the oil filter to create enough room to remove the compressor from the bottom. If you have the front end off then remove the fan blades and slide the compressor out that way. audi a4 cooling fan blades

Installing The New Parts

Make sure the new compressor has 250cc +/- 50cc of PAG oil. New replacement compressors are usually filled with the correct amount of oil.

1. Mount the new compressor and tighten the bolts to 18 lb-ft.

2. Install the high and low pressure lines. I don’t know how you’re going to get a torque wrench in there but just in case the torque for the high pressure line is 22 lb-ft. and 30 lb-ft. for the low pressure line.

3. Connect the electrical wire.

4. Rotate the compressor clutch by hand several times.

5. Install the drive belt.

6. Use a vacuum pump to evacuate the system to get rid of unwanted moisture that may have gotten in.

7. Recharge the system. The system takes 700g of r134a refrigerant if you have an uncolored valve and 750g if you have a colored valve.

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