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Ford Focus 3rd Generation MK3 – Front Bumper Removal

Applies To:

20012 – 2019 Ford Focus

Vehicle In This Guide:

2014 Ford Focus / 24,000 miles


This is a simple guide on how to remove the front bumper on your third generation Ford Focus. Anybody can do this in their drive way with a few simple tools. You should have a torx bit set – you will need a T30 for this job. You also need needle nose pliers to remove the hood latch cable. Yes, you will also need a flat head screw driver for the push pins.

Required Tools:
T30 Torx bit
1/4 Ratchet with extension and 10mm socket
Flat head screw driver
Needle-nose pliers

Removing The Headlights

1. First thing that you have to do is remove both headlights. Very simple to do – use either a T30 screwdriver or a bit and remove the two screws for the headlight and an additional T30 screw that’s near the A/C line. You can see all three circled below. Do the same on the other side of the car. ford focus headlight removal

With the screws removed, rotate the headlight up and out. Don’t forget to disconnect the electrical plug. ford focus electrical headlight connector

2. Remove the four push pins that secure the top of the bumper. Use a screw driver or another appropriate tool to pry the centers up and then take the whole clips out. ford focus bumper push pins

3. You will need to disconnect the hood latch cable from the level. A pair of needle-nose pliers is all that is needed to remove that cable. Then pull up on the cable to free it from the plastic retainer (circled yellow). ford focus hood latch lever

Taking Out The Under-body Cover

4. Continue by removing this plastic strip on the bottom of the car. It is secured with three T30 screws. ford focus plastic under-body strip

5. Then remove the rest of T30 screws all along the bottom of the bumper. ford focus under-body cover

6. In the following photo I have removed the wheel for clarity – normally you will not have to do that. Remove the three screws (yellow) and an additional push pin (green) from inside the wheel well. Do the same for both sides of the car. Ford Focus Wheel Well Liner Screws

Removing The Bumper

7. The ends of the bumper are secured to the fenders with a plastic bracket. The bracket has a couple of hooks that clip the bumper in place. Rather then mess with the clips and risk damaging the bumper I find it a lot safer to loosen the two bolts that secure the bracket. Peel back the wheel well liner to get at the bolts. You can then push the bracket down and free the ends of the bumper. Ford Focus Bumper Bracket

8. On each side of the car there is a big hook that the bumper clips into. Press down on the hook to disengage the bumper. Also, don’t forget to unplug the electrical connector for the fog lights (arrow pointing down). Ford Focus Bumper Hooks

Here is a better shot of the electrical connector. Press the center tab and pull the connector out. Ford Focus Fog Light Electrical Connector

9. The bumper can now be removed. Make sure that the ends of the bumper are free and pull the whole thing out with both hands. Ford Focus Bumper Removal


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