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Ford Fusion 2nd Generation – Front Bumper Cover Removal Guide

Applies To:

2013 – 2020 Ford Fusion

Vehicle In This Guide:

2014 Ford Fusion / 2.5L engine / 32,000 miles


This is the new generation Ford Fusion and we are going to show you how to remove the front bumper on it. Good news for you is that Ford made it fairly simple to take this thing out. It is a good idea to have the car up in the air using either ramps or jack stands because you will need some room to disconnect the electrical plugs and remove many under-body screws.

Front Bumper Removal Steps

1. Start by taking out the out the six push pin retainers in the front of the bumper (yellow) along with the three T-25 torx screws. ford fusion front bumper push pins

2. Move on to the bottom of the car and start removing a bunch of screws and retainers. You have to take out the 7mm screws (yellow) – some cannot be seen in the photo and are marked as yellow arrows. There are eight torx screws (cyan) that you have to remove along with four plastic retainers (green) that come out by turning the center counter clockwise and then taking out the whole retainer. After that, the under-body cover can be removed.

ford fusion under-body cover removal

3. With the cover out of the way you have to reach in and disconnect two electrical plugs on the drivers side. ford fusion side marker lamp connector

4. And then two on the passenger side. The larger circle below is the connector for the active grille shutters actuator. The wire harness for these electrical items stays with the bumper. Hint: If you can’t reach in to disconnect the small plug then wait until you can move the bumper forward and create more room. ford fusion active grille shutter actuator connector

5. Remove the three plastic retainers from the splash shield located on both side of the wheel well. You unscrew the top with your fingers and then pull the whole retainer out. ford fusion spash shield retainers

6. Then pull back on the splash shield and look up at the bumper bracket. You will see that it is secured to the fender with two metal screws (yellow) and a single plastic retainer in the middle (green arrow). Take out all three. ford fusion front bumper bracket

7. At this point you can grab the bumper by the front and take it out completely. ford fusion front bumper cover removal guide

Follow the steps backwards to re-install the bumper cover.

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