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Twin Cities Assembly Plant – Ford Ranger

Take a look at some of the photos that were taken on the last day of production at the Twin Cities Assembly Plant. On December 16, 2011 the last Ford Ranger rolled off of the assembly line.

The Ranger was in production from 1983 – 2011 at the Twin Cities Assembly Plant in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Ford Ranger – Life On The Assembly Line

wide shot of the trim department

Where is everybody?

trucks coming down the paint tunnel

A line of freshly painted Ford Rangers.

Freshly painted ford ranger

Traveling down the line from the Paint building

bank of ford ranger painted bodies

Bank of full painted Rangers waiting to sent to the Trim department.

inside the trim department

Inside the trim department.

chassis line during break

Chassis line – during lunch break.

dudes assembling the ranger chassis

Chassis assembly nearly finished.

not everyone is bitter


motor coming down the motor line

Part of the motor line.

joining the body and the chassis

All magic happens here – when two become one.

filling up the fluids

Very patriotic.

filling the ranger with fuel

Fill er up please!

line of ready ford rangers

These guys are almost ready to be driven.

setting the alignment

Some final adjustments.

ready for the testing

Ranger ready for testing.

all rangers are thoroughly tested

Every Ranger is put through a series of tests and checks.

ford rangers in the parking lot

The last batch of Rangers

The Last Ford Ranger

last ranger on its way from the paint elevator

D-Day is upon us. Last Ranger body is painted and ready for action.

last ranger inside the trim department

Coming down the line through the Trim department.

lots of people posing for cameras

Lots of picture taking.

windshield robot in action

Winshield robot doing its thing one last time.

exiting the trim department

Exiting the Trim department.

group of assembly workers from the trim department

Smile everyone!

last ranger body is fully assembled

Last Ranger body is fully assembled.

how to identify the last ranger

The only way to truly identify the last Ranger 🙂

big crowd at the end of the ranger assembly line

Way too crowded.

smile for the camera

Smile for the cameras.

can you spot him

Can you see him?

i have been made - fall back

Uh-oh I’ve been spotted!

something caught their attention

Something is going down to the left.

great photo op

Great photo op.

is this the first ranger its in great condition

Two questions – is this the first Ranger and does it still run?

The Aftermath

welding machines sit idle
prince charming robot

Prince Charming. But where is Snow White?

robotic awesomeness

Pure robotic awesomeness.

this has to be snow white

This has to be Snow White.

empty robot line

You should see these things in action.

something great happened here

I can tell that something great happened in there.

kawasaki robots idle

Kawasaki FTW.

empty trim line


the best assembly line in the trim department

The best line in Trim department 🙂

everyone is gone

Look at all those hoses.

empty motor line

Empty motor line.

empty warehouse

This used to be full of parts.

Over 300 photos taken and 150GB of video recorded on the last days of production. I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into the Ford Ranger legacy. Take a look at the YouTube video below of the final production day!
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