Ford Mustang Front Bumper Cover Removal How To (2013 - 2014)

This guide will show you how to remove the front bumper cover on the new 2013 - 2014 model Ford Mustang. For these years, Ford has redesigned the front fascia and as a result the procedure for removing the bumper cover is slightly different than the previous years. You will want to raise the front end of the car up a little bit in order to reach some of the under-body cover screws and to disconnect the ambient air temp sensor and side marker lamps.

1. Start by opening the hood and removing the 8 push pin retainers from the plastic radiator sight shield.  ford mustang sight shield retainers

Use a flat head screwdriver to pop the center of the retainer up and then pry the bottom off. Once all 8 of the retainers are removed you can then lift the cover up. plastic push pin retainers

2. Continue by removing the four 8mm screws (green) and the four screw type retainers (yellow) along the front of the bumper. ford mustang bumper screws.

3. For the next part you have to turn the front wheel either all the way to the left or right. This will give you room to remove the three 7mm screws (yellow). Do the same for the other side of the car. ford mustang splash shield screws

4. Take a look at the below photo. You can see why you would want to raise the front of the car up. There are a total of (17) 7mm screws (yellow) that secure the under-body cover in place. If you have a cordless drill with a socket attachment you can take all of these out in less than a minute. ford mustang under-body cover screws

Here is a better shot of rear of the cover and the screws. Once you have all of them removed you can pull down on the cover and move it out of the way. ford mustang under-body cover removal

5. Now that the cover is out you can reach in and disconnect the side marker lamp (yellow). The ambient air temperature sensor (green) is clipped to a plastic tab on the bumper. Wiggle it back and forth and you will be able pull it down. Finally, the red X in the photo is where the fog-lights would be on the V6 mustangs. If you have them then disconnect those now. ford mustang side marker ambient air temperature sensor

Don't forget to disconnect the plug from the passenger side marker lamp. ford mustang passenger side marker light

6. At this point you can grab the edges of the bumpers and pull them out. The ends are clipped into place so you will have to use a little force to free them. ford mustang front bumper removal

Another method that you can use is to insert a plastic tool between the bumper and the fender. This will create a gap that you can use to reach in and push down on the clip. trim removal tool

Here is a shot of the three clips that secure the ends of the front bumper. ford mustang bumper clips

7. Grab the bottom of the front bumper with two hands and pull up and out. You will feel the bumper cover disengage from the center support. ford mustang front bumper removal

At this point you can grab it by the top and remove it completely. If you have the GT fog-lights you will want to disconnect those as well before you will be able to completely remove the bumper. ford mustang front bumper replacement

Installation is very straight forward and all you have to do is follow the steps backward.

Video How-To

# Lawrence Brewer 2014-01-19 15:38
Thanks again. I intend to install a small camera in the lower grille and this web site shows me where I want to put it. I will follow the ambient cable for the coax/power. If you know of anyone who has done this, I would appreciate it. Camera will be Esky mini.
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# Kaitlyn 2016-12-05 00:27
Hello, this video was very useful to me. However, I believe my bumper is stuck in the center. I am having a hard time getting the whole bumper to release with the grill holding the fog lights (I have a GT). I know it shouldn't be this difficult because I've taken apart several, but this car has me puzzled. Do you have any thoughts as to why it would be stuck? I'm thinking it's hanging up on the foam and the fog lights are getting stuck on the metal support at the top.
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# Clu 2017-01-28 02:09
Just got a 2014. On the drivers side I see the bumper cover is not clipped. Is there a trick to getting it to clip together again? I pushed them together but a few days later they are apart again.
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