Twin Cities Assembly Plant - Ford Ranger

The Last Ford Ranger

last ranger on its way from the paint elevator

D-Day is upon us. Last Ranger body is painted and ready for action.

last ranger inside the trim department

Coming down the line through the Trim department.

lots of people posing for cameras

Lots of picture taking.

windshield robot in action

Winshield robot doing its thing one last time.

exiting the trim department

Exiting the Trim department.

group of assembly workers from the trim department

Smile everyone!

last ranger body is fully assembled

Last Ranger body is fully assembled.

how to identify the last ranger

The only way to truly identify the last Ranger :)

big crowd at the end of the ranger assembly line

Way too crowded.

smile for the camera

Smile for the cameras.

can you spot him

Can you see him?

i have been made - fall back

Uh-oh I've been spotted!

something caught their attention

Something is going down to the left.

great photo op

Great photo op.

is this the first ranger its in great condition

Two questions - is this the first Ranger and does it still run?

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