Twin Cities Assembly Plant - Ford Ranger

The Aftermath

welding machines sit idle

prince charming robot

Prince Charming. But where is Snow White?

robotic awesomeness

Pure robotic awesomeness.

this has to be snow white

This has to be Snow White.

empty robot line

You should see these things in action.

something great happened here

I can tell that something great happened in there.

kawasaki robots idle

Kawasaki FTW.

empty trim line


the best assembly line in the trim department

The best line in Trim department :)

everyone is gone

Look at all those hoses.

empty motor line

Empty motor line.

empty warehouse

This used to be full of parts.

Over 300 photos taken and 150GB of video recorded on the last days of production. I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into the Ford Ranger legacy.

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