Audi A4 Clutch Replacement

Installing The Clutch And The Transmission

1. Install the flywheel. Use new bolts and tighten to 40 lb-ft + 180 degrees. Tighten the bolts in stages and using a star pattern. I tightened all 8 to 40 lb-ft followed by 90 degrees for all of them and finishing off with another 90 degrees for all 8. Mark the bolts so you don't accidentally over torque them. To prevent the flywheel from turning, find a suitable open ended wrench. Wedge it against one of the guide dowels and have a helper hold it in place as you tighten the flywheel. This method is strange, but it's free and it works. A better method is to buy the Audi 3242 Crankshaft Lock Tool and use that to keep the flywheel from moving. audi a4 new flywheel install

2. Use the clutch alignment tool to align the clutch disc and then install the pressure plate. Use new pressure plate bolts and tighten to 18 lb-ft audi a4 sachs clutch

3. Next step is to install the transmission. Just take it slow and make sure that the shift rods and slave cylinder do not get pinched by the transmission. You will want to have a second person helping you guide the transmission in. audi a4 transmission install

4. Tighten the transmission bolts using the torque specs below. audi a4 transmission torque

5. Install the transmission mounts and tighten the bolts to the following specs. audi a4 transmission mounts

6. Install the slave cylinder and tighten the bolt to 15 lb-ft. I had a lot of trouble with this step. You won't be able to slide the cylinder back in with your hand. Find a screw driver and bend it a little. Feed it into the mounting hole and use it as leverage to slide the cylinder back in. Slightly rotate the the cylinder back and forth as you feed it farther inside the transmission. Once it's all the way in you will see that there is a little indentation on the transmission where you can rest the cylinder without it popping out. Hold the slave cylinder in place with your hand while installing the bolt. audi a4 slave cylinder install

7. Connect all the electrical sensors. The engine speed sensor needs to be tightened to 7 lb-ft.

8. Install the drive axles and tighten all the bolts to 30 lb-ft.

9. Install the shift rods. Tighten the shift rod to 17 lb-ft and the pivot rod (the 8mm allen bolt) to 30 lb-ft. Yeah, good luck getting a torque wrench in there :).

10. Install the drive-shaft. Tighten the front and rear bolts to 41 lb-ft and the center support to 17 lb-ft.

11. Install heat shields over the drive axles. Tighten to 17 lb-ft.

12. Install exhaust. Tighten the exhaust pipe to manifold bolts to 18 lb-ft. The exhaust bracket bolts should also be torqued to 18 lb-ft.

13. Cross your fingers and start the engine.


Raj 04-20-2014 01:42
Wow, nice writeup and great pictures
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sheldon bell 04-30-2014 12:45
Did it the clutch made a rumbling noise when pressed in and no gears worked. What did I do wrong?
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Gabe 05-02-2014 18:23
probably bent the shift rod or the thing he said not to bend and be careful with when putting the transmission back in. if so ive seen a post where a guy made that mistake so he just bent them back and it worked for him. just be sure to look into more before attemting
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Artem Vestsorov 05-02-2014 21:59
What do you mean by, "no gears worked"? Were you able to put the shifter into the gears but the car did not move? You may have installed the clutch backwards. I've seen it happen. When you installed the clutch did you properly tighten down the pressure plate all the way and was the clutch disc secured tightly between the flywheel and the pressure plate? Without more details it could be anything - wrong parts, bent shift rod, backwards clutch, slave and/or master cylinder may need bleeding, etc...
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Franck 07-19-2014 17:14
Thanks for the great write-up. It was very helpful on our '96 A4 Quattro. The only thing i did differently was how i installed the slave cylinder. I found another write-up that recommended to grease up the the rubber boot while avoiding the end of the piston. This allowed me to seat the slave cylinder by hand without using a bent screw driver. this was much easier. I had the slave cylinder in under 5 minutes.
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mike the mechanic 10-04-2014 15:56
I cleaned the hole with wirebrush when gearbox was off, then lubricated slave cylinder with non-silicon "rubber care"lubricant, it took couple of minuts to install.
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Clutch Kits 11-24-2014 10:50
thanks for sharing such an knowledgeable post. looking forward to see more good posts by you.
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dikgang 12-29-2014 14:42
Clutch pedal is loose,does nt pump
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toyo toe 04-17-2015 22:24
Excellent write up. Thank you for sharing.
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anthony 05-09-2015 16:35
what side is the slave cylinder on? i need to replace it. drivers or passangers?
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Jimmy 05-11-2015 11:10
Driver's side near the top of the transmission. You can see the 6mm Allen bolt after removing the front driver's side wheel.
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